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Instructions on how to use Sperger works-catalog:

The listing of Sperger's works presented here contains three classifications and along the RISM link for each work where available. The following table will explain every classification in detail.

Adolf Meier
- Thematisches Werkverzeichnis der Kompositionen von Johannes Sperger (1750-1812), Michaelstein, 1990. covers the entire Sperger's opus and is now considered the standard for classifying Sperger's works within the library and academic fields. You will also find this system used by RISM.
- A minor annoyance presented with Meier classification is his numbering of the Sperger's bass concerti. Since Meier classifies all Sperger instrumental concerti together, he starts with his viola and violoncello concerti and than continues with the bass ones. Thus the common numbering sequence of bass concerti used among the bassists always has to be updated "plus two" in order to match the Meier concerto number: ex. Concerto no. 11 is Meier B13. The common concerto numbering sequence however is presented in the column "Original title", or can be followed through the Trumpf numbers 1 to 18.
Klaus Trumpf
Verzeichnis der Kontrabaß-Kompositionen von J. M. Sperger Schwerin, 1970. This classification predates Meier's classification and is limited only to Sperger's double bass works. It is used mostly in music scores and within the bassists circles. Since the Trumpf classification dates to 1970 it contains (so far) only 40 designations and some Sperger works that fit this criterion may not have received this number.
J. M. Sperger Sperger. Tema von Contra Bass Concerte Location: D-SWl Ms. no: 3065/8
It is very little known that Sperger had assembled himself a hand written catalog of his bass-related works. This is an interesting catalog that is often mentioned by Meier in the context of dating and sequence of Sperger concerti. Sperger's catalog is however, not complete. It is also not chronological, and although it contains 24 entries it is numbered only up to 19th item. The rest are just listed without number. Within the listing presented here you will find the "Sperger Number" where available, and where the compositions without number are listed, the consecutive number after the 19th is assigned and put in to bracket. Sperger's catalog contains also works by other composers such as Hoffmeister and Zimmermann and it appears that it has been made as a quick personal reference list for personal use, and not to be considered a trustworthy source on the chronology of his own works. This catalog is listed in Meier's thematic catalogue at p. 81-82.
Répertoire International des Sources Musicales is the most comprehensive academic database of all extant 18th century music manuscripts. Most of the Sperger's works are already catalogued in this system and the links to specific compositions are provided whenever extant. In few instances when the RISM records are not found, a "dash" line will be put instead.

The absence of a column for a particular classification indicates that these works have not been covered by that particular catalog. As the research of Sperger's opus progresses, it is likely that even Meier's own classification, which is the most comprehensive today, will need to be updated with additional numbers.



















Posted: September 30, 2010